A passion for entrepreneurship with a touch of humor and adventure. That is the philosophy of our company TOPdaktenten which we try to pursue at all times. In the eighties the first step towards entrepreneurship was taken when we started our own hot air ballooning company. What started as a hobby with the intention of financing a trip around the world, has grown into a company that we are still involved in in the summer months up to this day.


After studying our beautiful globe daily from our balloon in the air, our adventure continued on the wild waters of the Atlantic Ocean. With our self-built sailing ship we set course for Brazil, a project for which we had been saving, struggling and working for years. The touch of humor from our philosophy is kind of a given, because we had to have it once we sailed open waters and found out that we are both seasick and therefore saw the railing more often than the open waters. The lesson in life: “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” is therefore perfect for us.


After sailing at sea and flying in the air, the circle has been complete since 2017: the cliché on land, at sea and in the air is our unique life story, in which TOPdaktenten has brought us back to the ground. The vision of TOPdaktenten is that both lovers of nature and born adventurers can each go on a completely different dream trip, but who are always provided with one important similar travel element: a fast, comfortable, sturdy and adventurous place to sleep, the rooftop tent.